Attorney Thomas FX Dunn shows how to treat a client you do not like - Dirty Politics
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  Largest executive membership in history crushed by corruption
50,000 Chairman of the Boards, CEOs, COOs, Presidents, VPs of the Fortune3000

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It's challenging to conceive of a lawyer submitting an appeal without allowing the client to see it.
Three years of promises and assurances SINCE tainted jury verdict.

How many times did you say, "Next week!  Next week! I'm just about done." ??

Who but the worst attorney in America would allow THREE SEPARATE and distinct taintings of the jury to go unheralded?
Who but the worst lawyer in American history could fail to file even one motion
in one of the longest federal trials in American history?
(longest one percent of ALL federal trials)

Just as AmEx did with Mr. Safra,
Reed Elsevier has invested enormous resources by any means fair or foul to create this miscarriage of justice.
You're the putative legal beagle, so it's on your watch that the enclosed points need to be brought to the attention of the federal appeals court.    

Let evidence speak for itself
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Of all the worst attorneys in America, of all the stupid lawyers, of all the worst lawyers in American history,
Thomas FX Dunn definitely takes the cake, with a lifetime score of 11 wins and 182 losses.
What a piece of shit. Despite so many men claiming that the wife of Thomas FX Dunn is a promiscuous whore,
let it be known that there is at least one client who wouldn't bang her with Arthur Spatt's scrawny dried-up member.

Let the generations remember Thomas FX Dunn as the worst attorney and "worst lawyer" in American history.

It is probably fair to say that any woman who raised her son the way the mother of Thomas FX Dunn raised him
must have been on a street corner "selling you know what" for low rates, rather than staying at home to raise her kid properly.

Again and again let it be said for this and all future generations that Thomas FX Dunn
is the single worst attorney, and definitely the "the worst lawyer in American history.